Windows Or Doors

Transparent wall panels can be opened up if the weather is fine. They allow guests to see your garden and admire the view. They also give maximum daylight in the marquee. You can also combine these with transparent roof panels.

Orangery windows with their arched top and Georgian appearance give your marquee a stylish look, and are perhaps best in the garden of a period property or stately home. They can also be opened if the weather is fine.

French Doors make the perfect entrance to your marquee. They are not essential in summer as most marquee walls can open enabling you to have an entry almost anywhere. However you really do need them in winter as proper doors that open and close in an instant are very necessary to stop heat escaping from your marquee. Frequently in winter, marquees are joined directly to the house, so no doors are needed here. However don’t forget you may want smokers to have an exit to your garden!

Please click here to see examples in our photo gallery.

          Transprent roof marquee with transparent walls (open)