Interior linings add the decorative finish to your marquee. We can even use these to transform a large but unattractive interior space like a warehouse, sports hall or indoor tennis court.

St George’s Hill Lawn Tennis Club before their Centenary Ball in June 2013 ……



……and after we transformed it with starcloth & blackout linings 64 pin spot lights, 32 uplights, 16 ft x 40 ft stage & stage lighting, 20 ft x 50 ft dance floor, mirror balls, air conditioning, 50 round tables, 12 bar tables & 505 chairs.

DSC_2405 -1


Sometimes all you need is the marquee to provide shelter, but for more important events, the look of the marquee is vital. A lining will provide a luxurious finish giving you the perfect backdrop for furnishings, flowers and other decorations. Do look at the lining photos in our photo gallery, though many of the other photos in the gallery show lined marquees.

Pleated ivory linings give the ideal look for a wedding. A more contemporary look, suitable for corporate events can be achieved with flat linings.

A coloured swag can be attached to the lining where the walls join the roof. This can be the same colour as the lining or in one of 20 or so colours to suit your overall scheme. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a chart of swag colours.

A starcloth lining (blackout fabric with hundreds of tiny light bulbs) will give a perfect nightclub effect. 

You can have a mixture of linings; for a wedding where you plan to dance into the early hours, you may have an Ivory lining over the reception and dining area, and a starcloth over the band and dance floor.

Striped linings. We can easily create the effect of striped linings with coloured overlays over our ivory linings. Of course for a really striped look why not have our blue and white striped roof lining (available for 12m wide marquees)

sally 2

Tack off linings are installed for the most elaborate events. This is effectively a “one off” lining in a fabric colour of your choice. Using tack off means you can have exactly what you want, but it does cost a lot more! Click here for a photo.

As well as improving the look of the marquee, a lining will conceal the marquee framework and any electrical cables or rigging. Where marquees are joined together, attached to houses or accommodate split levels, linings will help conceal the joins. They also help to insulate the marquee a little, making heating easier, and reducing any condensation problems.



OF COURSE YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE LININGS to make a marquee look fantastic.

We decorated this marquee with multicoloured bunting and lanterns

This one has flat Ivory linings with 3m wide red overlays