Lighting & Heating

For daytime events in summer, it may be sufficient to have a few windows or transparent wall panels, though on a dull day it will be a bit gloomy in your marquee.

At other times lighting and heating may be very important. Here are a few of the most popular lights we fit, and the jobs they do. (photos of lights)



These are a simple Flemish design brass chandeliers with varying numbers of arms depending on marquee size. They are ideal for providing background light for daytime events that continue after dark and can be fitted with a dimmer control.


Normally stainless steel (we also have white) these are placed on the floor around the edge of the marquee and reflect light off the walls and ceiling. They can be fitted with coloured gels and a dimmer control to provide numerous lighting effects. Provided you have a pale lining & sufficient of these they will provide good background light as well as a lovely effect. They are sometimes placed behind the wall linings to provide a softer light, though you will need more to get the same illumination.


We also have a number of wireless uplights. These are top of the range ProLights SMARTBAT plus and come in a polished chrome finish to reflect the surroundings and suit any location. They are IP54 which means they can be used outside as well as in a marquee or building. With internal battery as well as a remote control key-card they are incredibly smart, versatile and powerful. Any colour or brightness you like can be set and there are a number of fade and colour change programmes. They come fully charged with up to 8 hours run time and are ideal for use where running cables is an issue. Whilst more expensive than our standard uplight they may save money by reducing the need for or size of  generator. They also contribute massively to safety as in the event of a power failure you will still have light! We love the SMARTBATS because they are so stylish and versatile. Museums and other indoor venues where running power cables is unsightly and unsafe love these too. They are so quick to set up that a venue can close to the public and reopen transformed for a party shortly afterwards. The only minor flaw is because they are so portable they are not insurable. However as they are so easy to place and remove just before and after your event this should not be a problem. If you are having an attendant from us of course they will take care of this.


These are normally fitted along the ridge of the marquee and directed at areas & objects you want to highlight. (e.g. flower arrangements & table centres.) They provide an intense tightly focused beam about 40cm diameter, though of course this varies with distance. They are not normally fitted with a dimmer, but can be fitted with coloured gels. Pinspots provide very little ambient light, so are not normally suitable by themselves. Also their effect is not very noticeable during daytime.


We can back light linings with strings of led fairy lights to provide a magical effect. Different coloured effects can also be provided with intense led lighting.


We have a range of lighting effects some of which are sound activated so that they can be used in conjunction with your own audio system. We also have some simple fog machines, which can provide a fantastic look when combined with lighting effects.


Why not light the route to your marquee, or highlight garden features. We can provide a range of outdoor spotlights and floodlights to do this.


We recommend you have some form of heating for night time events in every month except July & August (and if you are going on very late it may be worth considering heaters then too). For day time events you may consider doing without heating in June & September as well. Have a look at the met office website section on seasonal averages to help you decide if you will need heaters.


These are the best marquee heaters. Cold fresh air from outside is warmed in a heat exchanger and then ducted into the marquee. They are very effective & as they provide large amounts of warm air rather than small amounts of hot air they are very safe. They are not silent as the powerful fan required to make this system work is noisy. However as the heater is situated outside the marquee this is unlikely to be a problem. A thermostat is fitted inside the marquee which makes controlling these heaters very simple.


These require a large amount of electricity for a relatively small heat output, so are only suitable for small marquees where there is a heavy duty supply available, or when a suitably powerful generator is specified.


These are not suitable for use in most marquees, but may be effective for outdoor heating in some circumstances.


We supply generators, power distribution and other equipment to give your event that extra spark! We even have public address systems, stages and lecterns for hire.