Recently we built a floor over an indoor swimming pool with black carpet, black & white dance floor and a 6ft x 8ft  acrylic panel set in so guests could see through to the lit pool below. We can also fit carpets and dance floors in sports halls and other spaces.


Various flooring options are available for your marquee. Coir matting is the least expensive but it is only suitable on reasonably flat well drained lawns. In other circumstances you may need a wood floor with carpet. For dancing you will probably want a proper dance floor. Do read the relevant sections below for further details of these and other options. Please note that if you do not have a wood floor we cannot stop rainwater from running into your marquee at ground level, particularly in heavy rain conditions where the marquee is on a paved area. If you choose not to have a wood floor and this does happen we will not respond to a call out request – wood floors need to be laid before the marquee is erected, so we will not be able to fix the problem. You will know better than us If your chosen site is prone to flooding. If it is, even a raised wood floor may not save you from water run in so you should choose a different location for your marquee.

COIR MATTING (woven natural coir fibre approx 740 gram/sqm)

The traditional way of flooring a marquee is with 5ft or 6ft wide rolls of natural coir (coconut fibre) matting laid toNatural coir matting grass. We are one of relatively few companies still using natural coir matting. These days we lay it on a PVC membrane, stretching and anchoring it firmly to your lawn using 6″ nails.

Coir has impeccable environmental credentials. It actually absorbs CO2 as it grows, and provides a vital source of income & employment to the some of the poorest coastal areas of India. It is woven there into large mats which we import and use for a year or two, before recycling as a geotextile. It finishes its life stabilizing slopes & river banks, eventually returning humus to the soil. We also sell ex hire stock for various other applications (Why not buy a roll to make paths in your vegetable garden?)

The down side of coir is that it is hard to handle, & takes skill to lay well. It can also get wet round the edges. (See the notes on wood flooring below.) For our clients who want the feel of a solid floor underfoot combined with the natural sophisticated look of coir, we have developed a technique which enables us to lay and butt join coir on a solid floor. Click here for more photos of flooring.

CARPET (Standard stock 100% recyclable polypropelene. Approx. 400 grams/sqm)

We are also able to supply synthetic carpets in a wide range of colours. (See our floor gallery for a colour chart) These can be laid on a polythene membrane directly on to grass, and anchored with 6″ nails rather like the coir above. Of course, if done without a wood floor underneath it can get wet especially round the edges. The best way to use carpet is on a wood floor (see below) using double sided carpet tape & staples to secure it. Click here for some photos of carpeted floors. Our standard range of carpets is manufactured in recyclable polypropelene. (Essentially derived from oil). if environmental credentials are important to you, you will want to choose natural coir as your flooring option.


The ideal choice budget permitting. Normally you would lay a carpet rather than coir matting on this. Dance floors can be laid on top or in some cases integrated with our flooring system. This system can also be built up to create a level area on a slope, extend a patio, or cover a swimming pool.


This is suitable for outdoor pathways as slots in the individual panels allow   rainwater to drain away. The textured surface helps keep it from  being slippery when wet. Event floor can also be used to provide a firm surface to lay carpet on, though in general a proper wood floor is best for this.


We can supply a wide variety of dance floors. Popular choices are parquet, black & white chequerboard, or all white dance floors. If you want something more exotic than these, we can also supply LED lit floors, mirror and other styles of dance floor.


2.44m x 1.22m (8ft x 4ft) stage sections can be combined to create the size you need. As standard these are 30cm (1ft) high, but can be increased to 60cm (2ft) or 90cm (3ft) high, marquee height permitting. All our stages are black painted & normally have a black drape to conceal the base. If required the stage top and sides can be carpeted to suit your theme. We also have a few 1.22m x 1.22m (4ft x 4ft) and 2.44m x 0.61m (8ft x 2ft) sections giving us the ability to make a stage of almost any size. We can even hire you a lectern or public address system to go with the stage for that all important speech!