Marquee Mondays are drying days


Marquee Mondays are drying days at Claremont Marquees, the Marquee Hire in Surrey specialists.

Most marquee hire events are at weekends and we make every effort to get customers sites back to normal as soon as possible.Marquee Mondays

This means that most of our tents are cleared back to our Surrey marquee hire warehouse on Marquee Mondays. Of course it is a huge help if it isn’t raining when a marquee is taken down. If it is dry (and clean) we can pack it away as soon as we get home. If it is wet we have to hang it until dry. If necessary we clean it, then dry it again. This is the way to guarantee we stay mildew and mould free.


We are well equipped with drying poles and pulleys which enable us to  hoist our marquees into the roof of the warehouse. This is something we have done a lot this summer. Whilst it has not been unusually wet, all Marquee Mondays have delivered just enough rain to spoil things. In fact we have probably spent more time drying than we did in 2012, the wettest English summer in 100 years! Fortunately we doubled our drying capacity then, so no difficulties this year, just extra work!
Not all marquee hirers are geared up in this way as you will discover if you see a marquee roof or wall full of mildew. I have just visited a marquee site in Sussex where the main wedding marquee was clean and tidy. Sadly though, the catering marquee hidden away around the back was filthy with mildew stains. The customer probably never went into the catering marquee, though I should think the  caterer would have been worried as it looked unhygienic.


It turns out the marquee company was also the caterer, and was hiding the bad stuff  away from their client in the catering marquee! We think you should hire your marquee from a marquee company and get your cooking done by a caterer. A casual google search turns up dozens of companies across the UK  who do both, but you won’t catch us cooking. We have occasionally organised catering for our clients, but when we do this we carefully select a caterer we know and trust to do what they do best.


We are constantly trying to do things better.  This season we have implemented a new storage regime for marquee walls. They are now rolled around poles, rather than folded and then bagged for storage. This reduces unsightly creasing. We are now phasing our folded walls out. This improvement is now paying dividends. We have just hired 18 walls out to another marquee hire company for a prestige event in East London. They were not happy with their own!


It is hard to stay on top of maintenance when we are busy in the summer, but we have found the time to give all our our stage tops a new coat of black paint.

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