Second Hand Sale – coir matting, pvc, tables

PVC EX HIRE / Second Hand Sale

We have a number of old marquee roofs and walls in our second hand sale. They are all still perfectly usable but no longer meet our hire standards. Being ex hire, they are not unmarked, but they are still fine for jobs that do not require a good finish. All are Roder/Tectonics frame compatible. Roofs are bungee tensioned and walls are centre lacing with curtain rings. PVC Specification: white 650g/m² – UV stabilized – anti-fungus treated – flame retardant.

These have in the past found new lives as temporary graffiti walls, boat covers, tarpaulins and temporary or semi permanent roofing. (We made a temporary warehouse roof from some 12m ones when we were moving our stores. Temporary turned out to be over three years and they were still fine when we took them down. We have also used them as a very inexpensive strong white roofing felt for tiled outbuildings and sheds. (You get a much lighter interior!) They are very heavy duty, not to be confused with woven polyethylene which normally varies from 110 – 200g/m² (so about 3.25 to 6 times heavier) We can let you have small samples of the material if required. We also have second hand transparent marquee wall panels and Georgian window wall panels for sale. These are both central zip opening and perfectly useable, but due to marks and scuffs no longer meet our hire standards. 

Second Hand Sale PVC sizes

Nominal sizemin. widthmin. length/heightPRICE(ex VAT)
3m x 3m roof2.85m3.2m20.00
3m x 4.5m roof2.85m4.7m 29.00
3m x 6m roof2.85m6.3m38.00
3m x 9m roof2.85m 9.4m56.00
3m x 12m roof2.85m12.6m74.00
3m x 2.3m wall (lace opening)1.35m x22.0m   16.00
Transparent marquee wall (zip)1.35m x22.0m 35.00
Georgian window (zip)1.35m x22.0m35.00

The minimum width & length given are the dimensions of the un stitched areas, so if you plan to cut these for some other application, this will be the impervious area available.

Discounts are available for larger quantities. All the above prices are ex our Woking store. We can only do local deliveries p.o.a. ourselves.

COIR MATTING SALE, Second Hand Sale / Ex Hire SaleSecond Hand Sale natural coir matting 1.5 x lifesize

We also have second hand coir matting hire (& current hire stock) in our second hand sale. You may want to use these mats in your own small marquees. Do bear in mind that the ex hire ones though quite usable, may have some stains and minor fading as well as minor damage to edging tape at the short ends. (Usually not a problem as we fold over the ends and nail the mats into grass with 6″ nails.) We can also supply used but serviceable 6″ nails @ £0.18 each + VAT

Also useful for many other applications, including stabilizing soil banks & pathways, and lining horse boxes and stables. You can probably think of many other uses for it. I even have a compost/ leaf mould compound made by nailing a roll to four posts; it has lasted several years so far, and will eventually make good compost itself!

Second Hand Sale Coir Matting Specification:

  • Dry weight approx.1420 grams/sqm.
  • approximate thickness between 7 & 8mm
  • 100% natural coir fibre matting
  • Some rolls have a synthetic tape binding on the ends

We also have current hirestock available which is in excellent though used condition. This is 30% more expensive than the prices shown below for ex hire stock.


  • 3m x 1.5m or 1.8m natural @ £54 ea + VAT = £64.80 (approx weight & roll dimensions 13kg & 1.5m long x 0.3m dia) 
  • 6m x 1.5m or 1.8m natural @ £69 ea + VAT = £82.80 (approx weight & roll dimensions 13kg & 1.5m long x 0.3m dia)   
  • 9m x 1.5m or 1.8m natural @ £93 ea + VAT = £111.60 (approx weight & roll dimensions 19kg & 1.5m long x 0.4m dia.) 
  • 12m x 1.5m or 1.8m natural @ £119 ea + VAT = £142.80 (approx weight & roll dimensions 25kg & 1.5m long x 0.45m dia.)  
  • All the above prices are ex our Woking store.

We can only do local deliveries ourselves p.o.a. The alternative is for us to pack and send by courier. Cost of this varies, but a rough guide is £40 for a 6m roll, £45 for a 9m roll & £50 for a 12m roll (inclusive of VAT)

TRESTLE TABLE Second Hand Sale / Ex Hire Sale.Second Hand Sale 6' x 2'6 trestle tables

We usually have 6′ x 2’6″  Trestle tables in our second hand sale. These have varnished plywood tops with black plastic edge & tubular metal legs. They all have minor damage, but are very sturdy and completely serviceable, though they would look prettier with a tablecloth! Cost £40.00 + VAT each ex our Woking store.


We have a number of 6’L x 2’6″W x 29.5″H  fold in  half tables. These were used in a school temporary dining area for 2 months and are very sturdy and in great condition. They are not spotless – there are minor marks and occasional small scratches but they do clean easily. Folded dimensions are 910 x 760 x 92mm + a carrying handle, so these easily fit in the back of most cars and are a great all purpose table. (We fitted 6 on the back seat of a Mini) Cost £60.00 + VAT each. 

EXHIBITION CARPET Second Hand Sale/  Ex Hire Sale.

We also have ex hire exhibition carpet in various colours in our second hand sale. Most of this is in 4m widths of varying lengths. It is all approximately 2mm thick and weighs about 380gm/sqm. The fibre is 100%  polypropylene impregnated with synthetic latex . We can supply cut lengths if required.

£1.20/sq metre  + VAT with a minimum charge of £60 + VAT =£72.00. 

Particularly bad quality lots may be available and these will be less expensive. Call us to find what colours and quantities are currently available. This carpet has been used previously, and may have some marks and stains. The lighter colours are likely to look the worst. At the time of writing we had the varying quantities of the following colours available.

  • Dark blue 
  • Olive green 
  • Grey (dark)
  • Black
  • Cream 

These are ideal to use as floor protectors, or for jobs where the quality of finish is less important. As it is relatively lightweight it is a good idea when using on grass  to nail it down around the edges with 6″ nails. We would suggest about every 1 metre – more often  anywhere you expect heavy foot traffic over the edges. We can also supply used but serviceable 6″ nails @ 17p ea + VAT


We have various lengths, usually 1.4m or 1.2m wide. (same specification as exhibition carpet above)

£3.00sq metre. +VAT  with a minimum charge of £60 + VAT = £72.

Other colour ex hire carpet runners may be available.

All the above prices are  ex our Woking store and do not include VAT (unless shown) which will be charged at the rate prevailing at time of order.

We can only do local deliveries p.o.a.

Please telephone 01483 720472  to discuss availability