MARQUEE PRICES are dependant on specification, size and a wide range of other factors. You will need help from us to get even an approximate price. The more people you have the larger the marquee will need to be. As size is an important factor you can get a very rough idea of cost from the number of people coming as follows:

Typical high specification event like a wedding marquee with space for reception, dining & dancing or entertainment, to include lining, flooring, lighting, dance floor, tables and chairs.

£30-£80/ guest

Typical informal event like a summer fair or BBQ to include occasional seating and furniture.


Of course as always the details are what will dictate your final costs. If you are not yet ready to discuss details with us, then have a look at our Photo Gallery under Typical Costs. The captions for these photos give you an idea of what the event was for and what was included in the cost. 

Better still telephone us on 01483 720472 (Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm) or fill in our contact form. We will then send you an itemised quotation, so that you can see exactly what your marquee will cost and what you can add or subtract to meet your budget.

All price estimates on this page include VAT. Prices given in the typical costs gallery are approximate and were those applicable at the time of the event.