• Claremont Marquees at Clandon Park

    Claremont Marquees have given the National Trust at Clandon Park two  6m x 9m marquees for six weeks to help them with their open days after the devastating fire in April. Their email regarding the first open day follows: “Just to let you know our first open weekend at Clandon Park was a huge success.  Thank you again so much for loaning us your marquees to make it so!  We put out in our press release that this was all possible thanks to the kind support of Claremont Marquees, and I mentioned you in all radio/ TV/ print interviews that I did last week.  I

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  • Marquee Mondays are drying days

    Walls drying above roof

    MARQUEE MONDAYS  Marquee Mondays are drying days at Claremont Marquees, the Marquee Hire in Surrey specialists. Most marquee hire events are at weekends and we make every effort to get customers sites back to normal as soon as possible. This means that most of our tents are cleared back to our Surrey marquee hire warehouse on Marquee Mondays. Of course it is a huge help if it isn’t raining when a marquee is taken down. If it is dry (and clean) we can pack it away as soon as we get home. If it is wet we have to hang it until dry. If necessary

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    MARQUEE HIRE IN LONDON. Sets of French doors (white painted wood & glass) joined to give the perfect conservatory feel to a marquee. All these doors can be opened to create a perfect open side in good weather. Uplighters are positioned between every full bay of 4 door

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    ROLE REVERSAL. A garden in a marquee! We carefully erected this marquee around all the plants and garden features creating the perfect setting for a summer birthday party.

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    2013 PHOTO PRIZE WINNER. Themed 21st Birthday party

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