Our smallest marquee is 1.5m x 3m (5’x 10’); not much use for a party, but often used to provide a link from a building to a larger marquee.

Our largest marquee is a little harder to describe. Due to the sectional nature of marquees, even a small one can become large by adding sections. To date the largest event we have done was for a craft fair with the marquees providing 4000 square metres of space.

In between these lie a huge range of sizes, though in general best value is obtained by using marquees that have incremental sizes of 3m (10’) in each direction. Examples are 6m x 9m, 6m x 15m, 9m x 15m, 9m x 24m, 12m x 12m, 12m x 30m. 

How to decide on the size of your marquee: PHONE US ON 01483 720472; we are expert at sizing marquees, and hundreds of factors may be involved. But if you want to get an idea for yourself, follow these guidelines:

For dining allow a minimum of 1 square metre/ person (typically 100 guests need a 6m x 18m marquee)

For a stand up reception allow a minimum of 0.55 square metres/person (100 guests ideally need a marquee a little larger than 6m x 9m)

For a dance floor allow a minimum of 0.2 square meters/ person (three times this if you expect everyone to dance at the same time.) (typically 100 guests need a 4.5m x 4.5m dance floor)

For theatre style seating with access space allow 0.9 square metres/ person (typically 100 people will need a 6m x 15m marquee). Don’t forget you will need to add space for a stage!

Mix and match the above to decide on the size that suits your event. For example at a wedding for 100 guests where you want to provide a champagne reception followed by a seated dinner and dance, allow a minimum of 1.75 square metres/person, i.e. 175 sqm.

A 12m x 15m (180 sqm) marquee or a 9m x 21m (189 sqm) marquee should do the trick.

If all this sounds too complicated to work out, phone us on 01483 720472. It is what we do all the time!