Q.  Why should we use Claremont Marquees for our event?

A.  A customer answered this for us: “For anyone thinking of booking Claremont Marquees, don’t hesitate any longer, you won’t be disappointed. Just a few points that make them stand out from the rest – a comprehensive range of marquee options, sound advice when making marquee choice, competitive pricing, an invaluable site visit, accommodating to specific requests about set up and take down dates, efficient build and dismantle and a friendly and hard working team. We couldn’t have asked for more.”  You can see more of this and other comments on our Clients & Reviews page.
You will only know all the reasons once you have used us. In the meantime click here to see what our clients say. Click to see marquees being cleaned and  maintained at our purpose built warehouse by skilled full time staff.

Q.  How much will it cost?

A.   As your marquee can be almost any size, and have a wide range of floorings, liningslighting, & furniture, we cannot easily answer this without getting some idea of your requirements. There is also a delivery element to the cost which will vary according to the delivery address and size of order. Do telephone us on 01483 720472 to discuss details; we will then send you an itemised quotation. Alternatively email the contact form to us, or click on Photo gallery, typical costs to get some idea of prices of particular marquees.

Q. Why are you more/ less expensive than another company?

A.   We regularly market test ourselves; you may get a cheaper marquee if price is all that matters, but we do not believe you will get better value for money. Some companies have virtually no full time marquee erectors, and rely on inexperienced part time staff. You wouldnt be surprised to find they cost less, and are less reliable. Also why should they clean and maintain equipment, as this will cost more in labour?  We maintain a dedicated full time staff which always greatly outnumbers the seasonal workforce. During the quiet winter season they concentrate on maintenance and cleaning. We also maintain an emergency call out service for all events. All this costs us a great deal! However because we are determined to offer value for money should you get like for like quotations from several local companies, we would still expect to be very competitive, though in view of the service we offer a like for like quotation is unlikely!

Q. How do I book a marquee?

1) Ask us to send a quotation and if necessary make a site visit.

2) Telephone us to confirm availability, and provisionally reserve your marquee. Provisional reservations last 7 days (unless otherwise agreed)

3) Within 7 days – more if agreed as in 2) above – of provisionally reserving your marquee, sign and return a copy of the quotation indicating the items you require together with a deposit cheque for 20% (approximately) of the total. you will receive an order confirmation shortly afterwards. IT IS ONLY AT THIS STAGE THAT YOU HAVE MADE A BOOKING. 

4) Read your order confirmation thoroughly. Our stock control and loading lists are computerised. If it isnt on the confirmation, it will not be delivered!  The balance of payment is due on delivery.

Q.  Can I make alterations to my booking later?

A.  Yes, until 2 weeks before your event, provided any additional stock required is still available. Please telephone changes as soon as possible. Phone is best as we can immediately check stock of any additions, and offer alternatives if there are any shortages.

We may be able to make changes later than this, but any reductions will not reduce costs, and we may charge a premium on increases (particularly) of furniture, if we need to get additional stock delivered in. We will also try our best to accommodate any changes even after we have started putting the marquee up. You will of course have to pay for any added equipment as well as additional delivery costs.

Q. How and when do I pay?

A.   By cheque or bank transfer, (internet or BAC) We can supply bank details, SWIFT & IBAN codes as required. We do not accept credit card payments. A 20% deposit is required with order, the balance due on or before delivery. For orders placed within 2 weeks of required delivery date, full payment must be made on order.

Q. When will my marquee be delivered and collected?

A.  If you asked us to make delivery and collection times a part of your booking they will be detailed on your order confirmation.  Otherwise your marquee will normally be delivered in the 5 days preceding the event, and collected up to 3 days after it. The earlier a marquee is delivered the sooner we will remove it. We will contact you about 10 days before your event to arrange delivery times. More complex events may need earlier deliveries and later collections.

Q.   Will there be any damage to my lawn?

A.  We drive spikes into your lawn around the perimeter of the marquee to secure it. These leave holes about 25mm (1″) in diameter. They are barely visible and will gradually disappear. You can easily fill them easily if you want to.

If you have matting or flooring, the grass will discolour (yellow) a little as no light gets to it. Providing the floor is there for less than 10 days this discolouration will normally disappear within a further fortnight.

It is possible that more permanent damage could be done if the flooring is there for longer periods. Of course the better the condition of your lawn before the event the better it will recover afterwards. You should avoid applying weedkillers, fertilizers or any other treatments to your grass in the three months preceding your event. On one occasion the combined stress of chemical application followed by covering the grass, did lead to some permanent damage

Q.   Why are some measurements in feet and some in metres?

A.   We use metric units as much as possible, however some standard equipment is built out of materials that are manufactured in old imperial sizes. For example plywood comes in 8ft x 4ft (approx 2.44m x 1.22m) and 10ft x 5ft (approx 3.05 x 1.52m) sizes. Stages, tables and other items are made from this, and to make them economically, the maximum dimension needs to be used. Most people for example prefer 6ft round table to 1.83m round table!  If it helps, Google provides a great calculator which we find very useful, and everyone should know about. Just type what you want in googles search box eg: 8ft in metres and press the search button.