Last Minute


Some events cannot be planned in advance. If for any reason you need last minute marquees you should call us as soon as possible.  Need help or advice now and the office is closed? Then follow this link to our emergency callout numbers.

Unlike many companies we do try to work well within our limits so we often have some stock left for last minute marquees. However finding time to fit them in can be difficult as this will often involve rescheduling deliveries for several other events! Telephone us as soon as possible. Our sophisticated stock control system will tell us very quickly if we have a suitable marquee for you. It then takes an hour or two longer to work out if we can fit you into our schedule and arrange a site visit. Obviously it really helps if your venue is local, but we will always try to help!


When something goes wrong it will almost always be at the last minute. We have helped in all of the following situations and many more. Of course we are much more likely to be able to help if you are local.

  • “Cowboy” marquee supplier set up filthy damaged marquee etc. (We have heard this many times!)
  • Customers own marquee collapsed because of heavy rain – DIY can sometimes end up more expensive.
  •  “Our marquee company seems to have disappeared”  We have heard this one several times too! If we can help we will.
  • “We forgot to order lighting from our marquee supplier. They have set it up, but are not able to add lighting at this stage.” 
  • “We have suffered a terrible flood at our school that has devastated our entire ground floor, our children don’t have a lunch hall to eat in unfortunately and we have just been informed our lift will not be operational for 9-10 weeks, so we cannot get the food to them upstairs!! We were only told this afternoon that this would be the case. It’s a really tall ask, but we need a lunch space by Monday. I’m praying you can help me at such short notice!!”        – It really was a pleasure to answer someone’s prayers! –


Here are some letters from clients who hired last minute marquees.

WEDDING AWNING, LYMINGTON, SEPTEMBER 2016    A very belated note to thank you for organising the awning for the wedding here last month. We only gave you a few days notice but your amazing team sorted it out and it looked utterly marvellous. We would recommend you to anyone, and soon I will hopefully be able to forward some photos to show you just how brilliant it was. Your awning was a brilliant success- thank you so much.

LAST MINUTE MARQUEE FOR A CHILDREN’S PARTY     (dreadful weather forecast)  I cannot imagine how we would have managed without cover and your marquee was perfect! The parents were able to watch the kids in comfort and style… someone even remarked on the cool “Le Monde” barrel. We’d love to hire it again in the future so please keep a note of it for us. Huge thanks again.

MEMORIAL SERVICE MARQUEE    Thank you so much for arranging the excellent marquee and heaters etc. for my husband’s memorial service all of which were needed & much appreciated. There wasn’t a sign of any disturbance in the garden the next day.

FUNERAL MARQUEE, WEYBRIDGE     Thank you to you and all your team for looking after us so well and at such short notice. The day went off as well as a funeral could do and the marquee was very well used as we had over 600 people there.

Click here for link to other thank you letters.